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About Us.

Digital agency that will answers your digital problems.

Our Philosophy

The Mixist comes from the term MIX. We combine qualities together to bring the best out of your brand.

Our Value/Guarantee

We put our client as partner to grow together in every season and also Money-back guarantee, when there is no improvement.

Excellent Services

We are dedicated to serve our clients wholeheartedly. We want our clients to become the best of the best from other competitor.

Our Services

Take a look for service that we offer to you


Survey, Competitor Analysis & Report Analysis

Public Relation

Media Gathering, Community Management & Influencer

Creative Arts

Photography, Videography & Graphic Design

Branding & Marketing

Content Development, Targeted Marketing & Online Advertising

Website Development

CMS, Mobile Responsive & Social Integration

Our Services

Take a look for service that we offer to you

Brand Development

Website Development

Design Needs

Website Development

Brand Development

Featured Projects

Featured Projects

You Deserve The Best From Us

From Zero to Hero

Experienced to build digital branding from zero to hero. We handle more than 10 clients from company, individual and organization.

Dedicated Millennials

We make your brand relevant with our Millennial team. We ensure that your brand is relevant to the right market segment.

Combined Services

Relax! Our combined services help you to save your time for other urgent needs, while we do our grand project for you.